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PTM Orientation

Head teachers and Female teachers introducing themselves and sharing their views why they chose the teaching profession .

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Collecting an Information

Gathering an information with from parents of Khusdhamar of Shree Kusheshwor Primary School about Parents involvement in school during the research survey.

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Interaction on Education and Local Governance

Dr. Tulsi Thapaliya, MOE joint secretary presenting a paper on "Educational Governance and its elements in the context of Federalism". There were 55 participants including Minister of Education Hon. Mr. Dhani Ram Poudel. Interaction was mainly focused to support discourse for making policy regarding Education on local Governance.

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Let us get to the crux. . .

Educationist Prof. Rajendra Dhoj Joshi, explaining the roles of school management committee in media orientation to education journalist. He urged to sit together and thrash out priority issues and underlying values with hard facts than beating about the bush. . .

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Social Dialogue Training in Progress

Participants of the social dialogue training reviewing and sharing their experiences after the field visit on the spot in Makaibari. Dolakha

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Interacting with media persons in Dhankuta

Mr. Teeka Bhattarai, Programme Coordinator of CEPP speaking on an interaction with media persons in Dhankuta. The programme was organized in the fringes taking advantage of TCMD in Dhankuta.

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The Joy of Making Learning Teaching

Participants of "The Ideal School Workshop" at Feedback and closing session at IOE Department of Architecture, Pulchwok on 15 February, 2017.

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Attractive . . .attracts

An improved classroom made by teachers, interns and CEPP and SYM staffs at Raigaun, Makwapur. Physical attraction is considered important for the attraction of parents and children that most public schools are lacking both for the shortage of resources and enthusiasm. Interns and volunteers are playing a role of catalysts and CEPP is engaged in upgrading classrooms qualitatively.

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Sharing your success story on your own school

Mr. Dorji Tamang, Principal of Shree Bal Vikash English Medium Basic School, sharing his story of success with education journalist and educationist during the Media Outing on 2 January, 2017: Teachers make all the difference – even harnessing support from parents.

Patarashi Acknowledges Education as a Key Sector
A group of civil society held an interaction on agriculture and education with the newly elected representatives of Patarashi Rural Municipality (PRM) in Jumla district on 7th August, 2017. PRM Chair Mr Lachhiman Bohora welcoming the initiative discussed the issues pertaining the sectors. He indicated education being the hardest sector to handle.
Jugal Leads the Way on Educational Policy
CEPP and Sunrise Education Foundation participated in an interaction programme in an invitation by Jugal Rural Municipality (JRM) of Sindhupalchok district. The programme was organized to develop the law and policies of education of the Municipality. Chairperson Mr. Hom Narayan Shrestha presented a framework of local education act with question to present their comments. The framework contained questions relating recruitment and management of teachers, formation of education commute, examination board, development of curriculum, use of mother tongue as medium of instruction and formation of School Management Committee and maintaining school accounts.
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