A)    Series of Events Organized in Rautahat

CEPP jointly organized a series of events related to improving the public education in Rautahat district in collaboration with Sunrise Education Foundation (SEF), Shramjivi Yuba Manch (SYM) and in support of District Education Office as follows:

1.      Teacher Can Make a Difference (TCMD)

A one-day TCMD programme was organized on 25 June 2016 (11 Ashar 2073) at Garuda, Rautahat. A total of over 150 teachers, resource persons (RPs), representatives from school management committees and teachers' unions attended the programme. District Education Officer (DEO) of Rautahat Mr. Hari Prashad Osti along with key educational exports from Kathmandu also attended the programme.

2.      Multi-Stakeholder's Interaction Workshop

A multi-stakeholder's interaction workshop was also organized in Gaur, Rautahat, on 26 June 2016 (12 Ashar 2073). Altogether 57 participants representing NGOs, local media, political parties, parents and selected teachers attended the programme. Several hot issues related to the degraded education in Terai were raised and a common understanding on how to improve the public education was discussed.

B)    Head Teacher’s Interaction Workshop: Expectation and Challenges

Similarly, an interaction workshop with Head Teachers (HTs) from Sindhuli, Makwanpur and Rautahat districts was also organized in Chandrapur, on 27 June, 2016 (13 Ashar 2073). A total of 72 HTs attended the event while the Makawanpur DEO and Asst. DEO also participated and they were able to provide a brief orientation about the online EMIS training to the participants.

C)    PTM Project Orientation Workshops and Social Dialogue Training in Dolakha

CEPP organized orientation workshops and staff training at Dolakha district in collaboration with local partner SEF. First, one day orientation workshop on PTM Project for Head Teachers was organized on 30 July 2016 (15 Shrawan 2073). Second, another orientation programme for School Management Committees (SMC) chairpersons was also conducted the following day. |As CEPP has extended the PTM project in Dolakha covering 11 schools of Bhimeshwor Municipality and Boch VDC.

A 3-days social dialogue training for CEEP staff and partners was also conducted in Charikot, Dolakha on 1-3 August, 2016. A total of 15 (6 female) CEPP and partners staff attended the training. This interactive training was facilitated by Teeka Bhattarai, Bijaya Subba and Suresh Tamang, including a field practical session on the last day on how to implement the social dialogue skills working in the communities.

D)    Educational Retreat in Dhulikhel

CEEP in partnership with Global Action Nepal (GAN) and Sunrise Education Foundation (SEF) organized a 2-days residential retreat on 14 - 15th September 2016. This was a follow up of the previous retreat with policy makers and educational advocates to improve public education in Nepal as part of the public education promotion campaign in Nepal. Altogether 51 participants representing from the Ministry of Education (MoE), Department of Education (DoE), Teachers and Parents Associations, law maker, educational experts and the media participated in this programme. A brief proceeding of the event on what are the key issues and ways forward is in progress.

E)    National Strategic Workshop with SMC Federation

CEPP organized a 3-days national strategic workshop with the key representatives of the School Management Committee Federation (SMCF) on 16 – 18 September, 2016 in Kathmandu. A total of 20 participants including 6 female representing 6 district chapters of the SMCF and central committee. This strategic workshop was organized by Somat Ghimire and Bednidhi Dhakal, in order to identify key issues that Nepal’s public education is facing and strategize how SMCF will act in addressing those issues in the future.

F)     Life Skill Trainers Training

A 3-days Life Skill Training of Trainers (TOT) was conducted on 24 - 26 September 2016 in Chandrapur, Rautahat. This training was organized for the gender focal persons and teachers selected from the schools in CEPP working areas of Sindhuli, Rautahat, Dolakha and Makwanpur districts. A total of 33 participants including 16 (over 50%) female fraom CEPP project areas successfully attended the training. The training was facilitated by Sushila KC and it was evaluated as a very successful training in terms of preparing the participating teachers in order to conducting similar life skills training events for the adolescents (students) in their respective schools.

G)   Construction of Playground in Sindhuli

CEPP has supported to design and construct a playground for small children with the help of three interns (Architects from KU Leuven, Sint Lucas Campus), Belgium. They also designed interior decoration for improved classrooms and conducted a day arts training/workshop for teachers.  This event was conducted from 11 August – 11 September in Hariharpur Secondary School, Ghante Pipalmadi VDC of Sindhuli district.

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