Jugal Leads the Way on Educational Policy

 CEPP and Sunrise Education Foundation participated in an interaction programme in an invitation by Jugal Rural Municipality (JRM) of Sindhupalchok district. The programme was organized to develop the law and policies of education of the Municipality. Chairperson Mr. Hom Narayan Shrestha presented a framework of local education act with question to present their comments. The framework contained questions relating recruitment and management of teachers, formation of education commute, examination board, development of curriculum, use of mother tongue as medium of instruction and formation of School Management Committee and maintaining school accounts.

Programme started with welcome by Vice Chairperson Mrs. Shrijana Tamang saying "Education is a plant which has bitter roots with sweet fruits. So let's grow a tree that give us sweet fruits in future and make our rural municipality prosperous in a future". 

Stakeholders and members of the political parties presented in the meeting assured of their full support for improvement of quality of public education and keep education free from party politics. Some newly elected members of the Municipality committed send their child to public schools.  

There were about 70 participants in the packed hall of a post-quake make-shift local restaurant including teachers, SMC members, members of different political parties, members of local government and other concern bodies.     

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