Patarashi Acknowledges Education as a Key Sector

 A group of civil society held an interaction on agriculture and education with the newly elected representatives of Patarashi Rural Municipality (PRM) in Jumla district on 7th August, 2017.  PRM Chair Mr Lachhiman Bohora welcoming the initiative discussed the issues pertaining the sectors. He indicated education being the hardest sector to handle.The Municipality had already called a multi-stakeholder meeting on education. It was learnt later in the district headquarters that all the Municipalities had prioritized education as the priority sector to dent on in the district. Among the issues discussed on education were: minimum standards of schools in the Municipality including assurance of education to the disabled, ways of involving parents and the place of SMCs for the monitoring schools, management of teachers and the issue of fees both in for-profit and non-profit schools. 

The team included Teeka Bhattarai from CEPP, Dr Krishna Paudel, Karsishma Gurung from Agriculture for Food Campaign, Mr Keshav Gautam and Anita Baral – thinkers and practitioners of critical thinking and sustainable agriculture. The event was attended by the Chairs of 6 Ward Committees and the Vice Chair. Karmarong leader Tsering Lama also took part in the discussion. It was also attended by a bunch of trainees from Karnali who attended a Homestay Residential Training: Training for Transformation for Sustainable Development held for a week in Khaladhik of PRM, ward no 3. 
A set of reference material was shared to help PRM to formulate a strategy and a law on the sectors.  This is the forth Municipality where CEPP or its associates have been involved to hold dialogue on the issue.

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