The Government

We collaborate with the government units that include concerned District EducationOffices and schools as well as appropriate units in the Ministry and Department of Education.

Artevelde Hogschool and Sint Luca School of Arts, Gent, Belgiumimages

artev_lo_zonder_baseline_xsml_rgb-01We have welcomed interns from two schools and have an understanding of cooperation at least for the next two year. Their interns mainly help design classrooms, help teach English and figure drawing.

Misereor Hilfswerk, Germany       

Misereor/KZE is the main partner of CEPP. They proved the first structural MISEREOR_Logofinancial support. Besides, financial support, we found common concern with the work we do and allowing attitude from their staff. They have also extended the terms for the next three years with some 50 % increase in the budget. They have also supported in running the work camps and delivering the post-emergency package to teachers.

Post-quake Partners
download-1After the earthquake, the Association of Youth Organization of Nepal (AYON) connects initially through one of their members Samrat Katwal has become a good partner to mobilize youth around the schools. They have recruited young volunteers and we have hosted them in the schools in the quake hit districts. We collaborated with three NGOs to expand the delivery of the package: Integrated Community Development Campaign (ICDC) in Dhading, Rural Self Reliance Development Centre (RSDC) in Nuwakot and Sunrise Education Foundation (SEF) in Dolakha.

Shramjivi Yuba Manch

This Raigaon-based NGO was started when the current head was a youth. Now, we collaborate in undertaking the fieldwork in Raigaon.

Sunrise Education Foundation, Nepal

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We started collaborating as part of the ‘Teachers Can Make a Difference’ Campaign. They have remained an ally on many fronts to work together. We make use of the teacher motivational material they have produced and helped us document programmes of common interest audio-visually.

Sci Geijzegem School, Aalst, Belgium


Connected by a ‘Nepal-minded’ teachers, Carine Verleye, the secondary school of Sint Vincentius Gijzegem in Aalst in Belgium is the first source of outside money. They have not only valued the work; the principal Hilde said ‘Your approach of valuing teachers, can be a source of inspiration to our teachers, no government in the world gives enough money that teachers expect’. Teachers and students have organized events on International Teachers Day, have produced waffles a sold small handcrafts, collected money, develop educational materials for Nepalese primary schools and continually exchanging views wit CEPP on educational materials. This has now rolled out to another cooperation with interns with two high schools in Gent mentioned above.

shikshak-logo21Shikshak  (The Teacher) – Monthly

They have been our strategic collaborators in the front of teachers. A collection ofresponses on an opening article on theissue of teachers has been jointly published with the book.

Eco-school Nepal

It’s a volunteer group of Nepal working on ecological and educational issues in Nepal. Eco-school is based in Beearta in the Netherlands. It provided unrestricted minimal support in the initial stage to keep the organization ongoing.


Indradhanush is a weekly television program that is broadcasted in Sagarmatha Television. It focuses on education. CEPP has been providing financial support, as well as in pre-production.