Rural Municipality Based Head Teacher and SMCs Chairperson Meeting

 Rural Municipality Based Head Teacher and SMCs Chairperson Meeting

First local level rural municipality based head teacher meeting was organized by CEPP in coordination with our local partner SYM on 28 Oct. 2017 in Faparbari for Bagmati Rural Municipality which was also attended by the newly attended mayor of the municipality. There were 60 people out of them 13 were female. There were 38 head teacher from 50 schools.

The main objective of meeting was to identify the role of head teachers and local authority in new Education policy and law, which is a responsibility of local government in the new federal constitution of Nepal. Meeting made adhoc committee of nine members. They will be responsible in supporting local government and raise issues of teachers and try to implement the new education policy and laws. They also decided to make a draft educational policy and laws and submit it to local government.

They discussed on problems regarding their schools. Their main problems was how local government is going to address problems regarding lack of teachers in schools focusing on the mismatch ratio of teacher and students, infrastructure, huge number of irregular students, sessional migration(students specially going to brick factory).

The ad hoc committee declared that the main responsibility will be to make 5 year plan with tentative work details, which can make a huge change in current education scenario of the rural municipality.

On 29 Oct. 2017, just after head teacher’s meeting of the rural municipality, CEEP also organized School management chairpersons meeting in same place with coordination of SYM. There were 33 participants including 7 females. Main objective of the meeting wasto help in preparation to elect a chairperson how will work with local government. What will be their role in school in a new education policy and laws that is going to make by local government. They also made ad hoc committee of nine members and appointed Miss Bachu Gole as chairperson. They decided to support the local government and expected the government to consider SMC’s input to form the new education policy and law. They have demanded that the SMC should also have a legal authority in placement of teachers, awarding them and punish where needed.

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