The Centre for Educational Policies and Practices (CEPP) was established to take forward the learning from an action research, ‘Education-for-all-Chepangs’ carried out in 16 primary schools in four Chepang dwelling districts: Dhading, Gorkha, Makwanpur and Chitwan. It promotes education as rights and seeks to bring people’s dimension at the Centre (over current trends of the buildings and the benches). The Centre views education as the foundation of progress as ‘the great equalizer’ of uneven social relations. It was registered as a non-governmental organization with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu in 2009 with a dedicated moto of basic-education-for-all. Given that the government continues to provide the current level of expenses, improvement of the quality of public schools remains in the hands of teachers and parents. Practically, it seeks to strengthen the interface between the parents and teachers – an environment of appreciating one another.

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